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Aero Backwash

Popular Backwash Shampoo System with Aero Chair.

Included in JEFFCO QUICK

Features heavy-duty Matte Black laminated plywood chassis for long-life, oversized black porcelain shampoo bowl that tilts, and seat-slide adjusts chair front-to-back.

Choose from a Black OR White bowl with 570 fixture, spray hose, tilt-mechanism, strainer, drain, vacuum breaker, and flexible tail stock.

Choose from five standard vinyl colors Black, Charcoal, Grey, Scarlet, or Chocolate. Chassis in black only.

Units are typically installed on 32" centers with the plumbing coming from the floor.

Item# Description MSRP Salon Price*
606.8700.PC Aero Backwash w/ 8700-570-VB (Black or White Bowl) $2305.80 $1537.14

* Salon Price is the price typically charged by Jeffco distributors but does NOT include shipping.