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K500 Apollo

The all-new Jeffco Apollo w/ easy-to-use digital time-temperature settings and automatic cool-down time. The built-in temperature probe and rheostat insures the selected temperature up to 150 degrees will be accurately maintained throughout the timed cycle.

Oversized smoked hood, removable-washable filter, black cabinet. 110 volts, 1400 watts, 13 amps.

Black cabinet is 12 1/2" x 7" x 24" high

ETL approved for USA and Canada. Two Year Warranty.

The J316, J316t, and J316x Tru-Heat Dryers are no longer available but Jeffco still has warranty and replacement parts for those dryers.

Item# Description MSRP Salon Price*
K500 Apollo Hair Dryer w/ Digital Controls $ 515.00 $ 342.99

* Salon Price is the price typically charged by Jeffco distributors but does NOT include shipping.